Slooow Food Power


A strong good broth requires a lot of time and dedication, we cook BROX up to 18 hours. This is the only way to get the valuable nutrients, such as Collagen.


Omega-3 VS Omega-6

We only use the highest quality bones from grass feed cows, and organic free-range chickens.

We don’t use organic grains, or bio-soy to feed the animals – this changes the fatty acids in the meat of the animals, enriching the meat with omega-6 fats.

Because the ratio of Omega-6 (inflammation-promoting) to Omega-3 (anti-inflammatory) is so out of balance in our bodies – we choose to feed our animals only grass.


Paleo is the diet of the hunters and gatherers: real food without any flavour enhancers, additives, or preservatives.

And with its cooking time of 18 hours our Brox is the embodiment of “slow food”. We know that cooking a nutritious and tasty broth requires a lot of time and devotion. So we want to help you integrate a nourishing broth into your healthy and active lifestyle.



We work together with local farmers from Germany and vouch for a sustainable and ethically correct handling of animal products. We only use certified organic grass fed beef bones for our Brox



We don’t like plastic. That’s why we chose glass as a container for our Brox, because it’s better for mother Nature. And regarding our to-go option we opted for 100% biodegradable cups and lids.

Spring water quality

Spring water is the basis for all life on earth. That’s why we use water in spring water quality for our Brox. To achieve this, we filter the water with an active carbon filter and vitalize it afterwards.

Environment is very important to us!


Broths are deeply anchored into every culture in the world, due to the fact that our ancestors always made use of the entire animal.
We believe: We owe this to the animals! If an animal has to leave its life for us, then we should also use it all.
Sustainability is when the tons of organic bones that are waisted annually are not longer waste, but processed into a superfood elixir!

Organic Animals

If you are, what you eat – then you are what the animal has eaten! It is therefore very important to us that our bones come from chickens and cows, which were kept in a natural way and were naturally feed.

Our chickens and cows spend their time enjoying free the green fields of Bad Aiblings (Oberbayern).