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Konrad Kaspar Knops

Co-Founder & CEO

Konrad is the general of our team who provides strategic direction for the company. For many years he has developed his assertiveness through Kung-Fu training. He has always been fascinated by life in all its facets. So, for 10 years now he has dedicated himself to the topic of “longevity” and has traveled through South America, China, India, and Tibet. Apart from the organic concept store LOVT in Berlin, he also manages the practice URBAN HEALTH with its focus on holistic medicine and prevention.


Lydia Soler


Lydia is the good soul in our office. She is the centre of the Brox universe and without her everything would sink into chaos! You could say that she is the joint and cartilage of our young start-up, making everything go smoothly. With her attention to detail she takes care of the day-to-day business and makes sure that everything works without a hitch.


Jin-Woo Bae

Co-Founder & CMO

Jin is our marketing-guru. He has has worked and gained experience in the advertising industry for years. And as the graphic designer and copywriter he is responsible for the look and feel of Brox. To this day his lovely mother cooks him his favorite meal on a regular basis: a perfect broth made from oxtail or duck. That’s also how the idea of Brox was born! With his long-time experience as a coach for nutrition and fitness, he loves to help people achieve their full potential.

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Valentina Quijano

Marketing Performance Manager

Valentina is our Colombian control freak – in the good sense of the word! As a marketing, communication and advertising specialist, she brings light into the data forest and makes everything measurable tangible. Without her we would throw 50% of the marketing expenses out of the window. With her, we run the Brox Marketing Cow from a green, juicy pasture to the next.


Christian Ierep

Sales Manager Europe

Christian is our friendly Brox-dealer from Austria. With experience as a personal trainer with focus on holistic training, Christian knows that fitness is more than just going to the gym on a regular basis. A natural, balanced diet should always be part of a holistic and healthy lifestyle. That’s why he is passionate about Brox and is happy to be responsible for the distribution in Austria.


Lea Hirche

Sales Manager Germany

Lea is the resting pole in our team, meticulously and precisely, she is there for everyone who likes to find Brox – so exactly for you. She trades, sells and buys faster than the Brox index could recover. Her enthusiasm for the brand and the product is highly contagious – so it’s only a matter of time before YOU are also gripped by the Brox fever. Lea makes everything possible and is therefore part of the team.

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Our BROX- Ambassador



Ellenie Salvo González

Ellenie Salvo González is an actress, well-known from movies like HUI BUH das Schlossgespenst, Vollidiot, Tell etc. and various TV-productions.

Starting April 2016, you can see her in „Wie Männer über Frauen reden“, a Berlin comedy movie.

“Apart from my profession as an actress, I have a deep passion for holistic and preventative medicine.”


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