Bone broth

Native Americans in South America have a saying:
“Good broth resurrects the dead!”

 It’s not our intention to resurrect the dead but we want to recultivate a forgotten tradition from grandma’s era. We produce the most original superfood: bone broth! We cook the bones from certified organic grass fed cows, vegetables, and herbs for 18 hours in spring water. The result is a delicious, healthy and soothing broth.

We bet your granny would give us a like for that!

 For what do i use Brox?

To drink

Quickly and simple as an energy-efficient coffee substitute or as a valuable immune booster warm up. Try it also cold as a training aid or form-tightener -mixing it directly with a shake or smoothie.

to Cook

As a simple subtle base for soups and sauces, as a refined seasoning for a better taste and as a health boil for every dish. Even as an addition for  noodles, potatoes, or  rice.


We work together with local farmers from Germany and vouch for a sustainable and ethically correct handling of animal products. We only use certified organic grass fed beef bones for our Brox


We don’t like plastic. That’s why we chose glass as a container for our Brox, because it’s better for mother Nature. And regarding our to-go option we opted for 100% biodegradable cups and lids.

Spring water quality

Spring water is the basis for all life on earth. That’s why we use water in spring water quality for our Brox. To achieve this, we filter the water with an active carbon filter and vitalize it afterwards.